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My Home, My Farm: a photo exhibition

My Home, My Farm is a collection of powerfully honest photographs taken by farmers struggling to survive in rural Ghana.

Since 2012, we have been working with farmers in northern Ghana to get the most out of their crops. We partnered with PhotoVoice to provide them with cameras and photography training to document their progress. The exhibition showcases the farmers’ most striking snapshots.

Where? Kahaila café, 135 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB
When? Thursday 2 April – Tuesday 5 May

A female farmer stands among her crops in Ghana

Photo credit: Damyoma Isaac - a lady harvesting rice.

Exploitation and erratic weather

With little or no access to key industry facts and figures, these farmers unwittingly sell their produce at prices far lower than the market rate, to middlemen and traders, missing out on vital income.

Faced with these exploitative practices, as well as unpredictable changes in the weather, farmers struggle to rise out of poverty.

But with the right market price information and advice on better farming methods, we believe there is hope for these farmers.

The MyPharm project

In 2011, we introduced farmers to an SMS service, in partnership with the Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana (YHFG).

They are sent weekly updates to their mobile phones so they know exactly what their produce is worth. And they have received business and technical training.

The farmers believe that working together is the only way to create sustainable change.

By supporting one another, they can rise out of poverty together, better-equipped to take control of their livelihoods. 

The photographs

To record the progress of the project, we partnered with PhotoVoice to provide 42 farmers with cameras and photography training. 

Ghanaian farmers desperately need a platform to voice their opinions. By giving them cameras, these people at the forefront of development can tell their stories honestly and directly.

We invite you to join this visual journey, to view the very personal and direct messages from rural farmers in northern Ghana.

My Home, My Farm runs from 2 April-5 May at Kahaila cafe, London.

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