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The march for justice in photos

In October 2012, 60,000 people, mainly dalits and tribal Indians, started a 300km non-violent land rights march from Gwalior to Delhi.

The aim: to ask the Indian government to create and implement a new land reform policy to guarantee access to land and livelihood resources for all, regardless of wealth or caste.

The march was organised by Christian Aid partner Ekta Parishad over four years. In the year leading up to the march, they visited hundreds of poor, landless communities and mobilised them to join the march and have their voices heard.

The four years of energy, hard work and passion that went into planning the march paid off when, eight days in, the Indian government agreed to the marchers’ demands.

These photos follow the story of the march - from the arrival of marchers in Gwalior to the jubilant celebrations in Agra where the agreement was signed.

To view the gallery full-screen, simply press play and then select the enlarge button on the bottom right. To show the captions, select 'Show info' on the top right.

Photograph copyright: Christian Aid/Sarah Filbey and Ekta Parishad


View photos from an earlier stage of the march

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