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What if Mary hadn’t made it to Bethlehem?

In Kenya, when hospitals are far away, and transport is too expensive or non-existent, women are forced to give birth in precarious places.

Heavily pregnant, exhausted and alone, 27-year-old Susan Nani began the long and arduous walk to hospital to give birth. But it was just too far to make it in time.

Susan’s baby couldn’t wait any longer. She had no choice but to give birth on the side of the road, with no support or help.  Susan’s baby daughter entered the world in dangerous and dirty conditions.

A Kenyan mother holds her baby

A helping hand

Thankfully, Susan’s community health worker, Magdalene, who has been trained by our partners, found her and arranged for Susan to urgently visit a nurse by motorbike.

But complications arose with her placenta, so she was quickly referred to hospital by car.

Susan and her daughter received life-saving care in time; many others aren’t so lucky.

Women in Kenya are 40 times more likely to die in childbirth than mums in the UK, leaving their babies to face life without them.

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