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International Women's Day

Across the world, we are breaking down the barriers that hold women back and trap them in poverty.

Gender inequality is a global issue. Despite progress in many areas of women’s lives, no country in the world can today say it has achieved gender equality.

We’re helping women stand up for their rights: rights that include saying no to genital mutilation and childhood marriage; rights that mean they can own property and earn a decent living.

Rights that mean they can go to school and have a voice in the decisions that affect their homes, families and lives; rights that mean they are treated with respect and live in dignity.

We are working with men to help them appreciate the value of women and to break down stereotypes and social norms.

With women making up the majority of the world’s poor, we simply cannot achieve our goals without tackling gender equality. Read our Gender Justice Strategy

Tackling gender-based violence

A woman at a government refuge in northern Iraq

Paulo Ueti, our Brazil country manager, reflects.

Ebola’s impact

International Women's Day 2013

Women are more likely to be infected; their education and livelihoods are also suffering.

We cannot be defined

Meg Cannon

A poem to encourage, inspire and challenge girls worldwide.

Pray for women

Women pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Use this selection of prayers in your services to mark International Women's Day.


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