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Tackling gender based violence: Africa’s fresh approach

March 2014

Gender based violence (GBV) is just one example of gender inequality in the world. Many projects address the issue by focusing on supporting victims.

For International Women’s Day 2014, we’re adopting a new approach with our partners; involving men as part of the solution.

  • We're engaging men and boys to be advocates of change within our communities,’

Men, ambassadors of women’s rights

‘We're engaging men and boys to be advocates of change within our communities,’ says Emma Mwinga, from our partner, the Zambia National Women’s Lobby.

Their male-targeted ‘I care about her’ campaign educates men and boys about women’s rights (including GBV).

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby believe that GBV is one of the main factors preventing women from taking on decision-making roles.

‘A woman who has lived through violence will not be able to come out, to lead other women, or to become a Member of Parliament because she’s oppressed,’ says Emma.

She hopes this campaign will help to change this.

Challenging gender stereotypes

In Sierra Leone, our partners RADA and SEND are also addressing GBV. Rather than focusing on just men, this project takes an integrated approach by promoting ‘gender model families’.

Working with selected families within communities, the project helps them to understand and challenge the roles they play. 

‘When you compare the roles that men and women play in the family, and even in the communities as a whole, you find that it is the women who actually do most of the work,’ says our Senior Programme Officer, Joseph Ayamga.

As part of the project, men undertake non-traditional roles such as collecting water. These gender model families help to transform social and cultural norms, setting an example to the rest of their community by promoting values of respect, unity and understanding.

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