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Brazil: The road to Paradise


This film was shot and narrated by Rui Barbosa (62), Dandara settlement, São Paulo state, Brazil.

Just 3% of Brazil’s population owns two-thirds of all arable land. Much of it lies unused, while millions of poor Brazilians have nothing.

Under Brazilian law, farmland which is not being used can be claimed for redistribution to people who have no land. Our partner MST, the Landless People’s Movement, helps make sure that this rhetoric becomes reality.
MST organises protest camps on or near unused farmland and, through the courts, make legal claims for that land to be released for landless families.
Rui Barbosa spent eight years camped out under plastic sheeting by the roadside, waiting for the courts to grant his claim. He now has land of his own and runs a small dairy farm. He has called his new home Paradise.
‘Now I have peace and dignity,’ says Rui. ‘I always knew we’d get there in the end.’
Christian Aid has supported MST ever since it was founded in 1984. In that time, it has helped more than a million poor Brazilians, like Rui, to get land of their own.

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