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Mourning the death of Angolan partner

Christian Aid, social movements and faith based organisations across Angola are mourning the death of Friar João Domingos, former head of Christian Aid partner Institute of Religious Sciences of Angola (ICRA).

Friar João Domingos ‘Although he had been in treatment in hospital since April, his death was a shock for all.

It is indeed a social and political loss in a moment where there is a lack of strong voices able to speak out against corruption and inequalities,’ says Ana Cláudia Menezes, Angola programme officer for Christian Aid. 

A lasting legacy

Having led ICRA - the only institution in Angola to train community development workers in issues including human rights, peace and conflict resolution, gender and HIV - he will leave an important legacy within Angola.

As students leave the institute to take roles within the government and civil society, they understand the realities facing Angola’s population as they use their skills to promote community development.

A life dedicated to justice

Born in Portugal in 1932, Friar Domingos went on to champion those who were ignored by Angola’s political elite, speaking out against social injustice in the country where he lived for 50 years.

‘His coherent and engaged attitude towards the cause of justice, ethics and rights and his solidarity will continue to be a reference.

It is sad, a candle that illuminated the dark nights of indifference, cynicism and hypocrisy in Angola was extinguished,’ says Christian Aid partner the Evangelical Congregational Church of Angola.  

Father Mauricio Camuto, director of Radio Ecclesia, agrees: ‘His death is a loss for all Angolans, but has a much bigger impact for the poor, the marginalized, the homeless and for the ones relegated to the outskirts of life, to whom all has been denied.’

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