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'You gave me hope and confidence'

This Christian Aid Week, you changed the lives of people like Loko.

Loko now has a cow and two goats which give her hope for the future. We visited Ethiopia and found out how your support has made a difference to Loko's family and to people in her community.

Loko shares her story

I am very happy. It is difficult to explain my happiness. I believe my financial problems will change soon. I thank God. I pray to God to bless those who gave me the animals.

I was simply a daily labourer who had nothing. People did not respect me in the community. Somebody who has no animals has nothing. Now, because I have animals, the community members respect me. If I ask for help or request support, like for food or equipment, people will support me.

My dreams are my livestock. The milk from them will bring income to the family which will help me to realise my dream of feeding my children very well, dressing them and sending them to school. My other dream is to open a shop in the village centre and to have a business.

I am a member of the self-help group and it is a great privilege. Previously, I did not know about the importance of saving and credit. But now, I have started saving a little bit of money from the sale of fire wood. My saving will help me to get a loan from my group when I need it.

My children now go out and play with their friends. Before we received the animals they were seen as different because they did not have animals and people did not show them respect. They were afraid of going out and playing with their friends. Now, they can go out and play with other kids nearby our village as they are now children from a family who own livestock.

You gave me hope and confidence which helped me to grant respect from the community. For these all, my gift is a blessing. May God grant you good health and a long life.

‘I believe we can all help others’

The Christian Aid Week team also caught up with Adi Abduba. Abi's life continues to change for the better and her success is helping others in the community.

Adi Adi explains her success

Life has improved for my family. My cow gave birth to her second calf. I gave the first calf to another person in the community. My goat has also given birth. My share in the women’s self-help group is high.

Though the drought period this year was hard, my family passed this challenging time without any major problems. Now, it has rained and life is coming back to normal again. The ponds are full and the grasses are growing.

I have built a shop with support from my neighbours. I am waiting for people to help me stick mud onto the wall to make it ready to use.

Everybody is happy. My neighbours and friends are all very happy for me. I am saving, and leading the self-help group members by the amount of money I have deposited so far.

I gave the calf to Miss Bilo Jalla. HUNDEE [the Christian Aid partner], together with the traditional leaders arranged a ceremony for the women to transfer the ownership of animals. I strongly believe that Bilo will be successful. As a group we are helping her, showing her how to take care of the cow, and the importance of saving. Now she has built a barn, just for the cow. I wish her every success.

I feel happy. Because I transferred the cow, I can really see that my mother cow is a real asset. I am proud of myself and the recognition I got from the community when I gave away the calf to a poor woman like me. I believe that we can all help others.

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