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Looking for exciting ways to get the conversation started? Here are a couple of ideas from the Sofa Sessions team. 

ACTIVE : Paper, scissor, stone

Encourage everyone to be an active part of the group by playing a team version of this classic game.

You might like to add a new spin by coming up with different actions - for example for 'ape, man, girl'.

How to play

  • Ask the group to pair up.

  • At a given signal, each member of the pair strike a pose.

  • Paper beats stone, stone beats scissor, scissor beats paper.

  • Play best of three then eliminate the losers, pair up the winners and run the next round.

  • Continue to play until there is a winner.

CHILLED: Personality Picture

The purpose of this icebreaker is for the group to get to know one another better whilst sharing information about themselves in a creative way.

How to play
Each person needs a pen and piece of paper. Give everyone a few minutes to draw a picture of something that reflects their personality.

Collect the pictures together and show the group each drawing. Then try to guess which picture belongs to which person.

For more icebreaker ideas, visit icebreakergames or funandgames.org 

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