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Goals for peace

Does your school hold a sports day in the summer term?

Do you look forward to a day in the sun playing games? Or do you dread the races and running?

For people in the Twic region of the Sudan, a day of sport is something to look forward to - read on to find out why.

The Twic Olympics

Since 2000, an organisation called SUPRAID, which Christian Aid supports, has held an amazing sporting event called the Twic Olympics.

As one of the athletes says, 'the Twic Olympics challenges everyone who thinks nothing good can happen in Sudan'.


Daniel loves football. He's really happy that the Twic Olympics means he can play in a proper tournament with other boys from his village


Sports day

Twic county, in South Sudan, is made up of six areas, and teams are picked from each area to compete. Sports include football, distance running, volley ball and tug of war. It’s like a really big sports day!

Race for peace

Different groups have been fighting each other in this part of Sudan for a long time, and lots of people have run away to escape the violence.

The Twic Olympics help people from different groups get on better together. When they're playing games and having fun together, people can overcome some of the problems that led to fighting in the past. And the games give young people who've moved away the chance to feel like they belong to their home town, as part of a team. 

What's more, in this part of Sudan girls are sometimes treated differently to boys, so competing in the games gives girls the chance to be treated as equals.