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What? Tortillas, again?

Johanna is from Guatemala, a country in Central America.


Johanna lives in a house made of palm leaves. She’s 11 but, although children grow at all different rates, Johanna is particularly small for her age

Tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Sometimes when people don’t grow properly it can be a sign of malnutrition – where people do not get enough of the right foods to eat to remain fit and healthy.

Johanna’s family is poor. They live in the mountains where for several months a year there isn't much food. During this 'hunger season' Johanna and her family survive only on plain tortillas (flat bread) with no fillings or toppings.

Food for thought

Johanna's three-year-old cousin Chelda (on the right in the picture below) was very sick because her family were only eating tortillas and she wasn’t getting enough protein in her diet to help her grow.




Christian Aid supports an organisation in Guatemala called Bethania, which runs the children's clinic where Chelda went to get better. It's been set up especially for children in the area who don't get enough to eat.

The clinic is a fantastic place because it's helped save lots of children's lives.