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The Jesus Agenda

A detail from a statue of ChristThe Jesus Agenda is a film-based, nine-week course in three parts that follows Joel Edwards on a journey across four continents - through Lima, Lagos, Washington, New York and London.

Through interviews and case studies it explores how Luke 4, sometimes known as the Nazareth Manifesto, is shaping and challenging individuals, churches and organisations today. 

An accompanying study guide designed for small groups, seminars or individual study provides space to re-examine the Jesus agenda of Luke 4 and reapply it to the world we live in today.

Groups will explore how the good news of the gospel and the liberating power of the Spirit should lead 21st centuy Christians to become advocates of the poor and vulnerable.

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This resource is produced in partnership with Christian Aid, Compassion and Micah Challenge.

The DVD and single study guide is available free, although you may like to make a small donation to help cover some of the cost if you are able.

Additional study guides can be ordered too.

The suggested donation for the DVD is £5 and for extra study guides 80p per copy.

Please note, we will be unable to fulfil orders from overseas unless the suggested donation is made.

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