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Activities and presentations for children

Each month we will provide new resources to help you teach the children in your church about what life is like for millions of people all around the world and show them what they can do to make a difference.

Ideal for use with children aged approximately 7 to 11 in Sunday groups, uniformed organisations and after-school clubs.

Latest resources 

Precious gifts


This year’s Christmas resources explore Christian Aid’s work fighting malaria in Nigeria, particularly among women and young children. Use this activity sheet, alongside our other Christmas resources with children in your church groups as part of your Christmas celebrations.


All age talk (PDF, 202kb)  | All age talk (Welsh) (PDF, 166kb)

Advent Activity Sheet (PDF, 1,277kb) | Advent Activity Sheet (Welsh) (PDF, 306kb)


Hope in Action

Quilombola children from Brazil jump in a lake Use this talk and presentation in church for One World Week this October. Learn about the Quilombola communities of the Amazon, how we are connected to them, and how, together, we can achieve positive change in our one world.

All age talk (PDF, 0.3mb) | Welsh version (PDF, 0.5mb)

All age presentation (PDF, 6mb) | Welsh version (PDF, 6mb)



Seven billion dreams

James Kheri receives mobile weather forecasts in Malawi Use our all-age talk and further activities to celebrate World Environment Day and find out how mobile phones are helping with the changing weather in Kenya.

All age talk and activities (PDF, 0.2mb) | Welsh version (PDF, 0.2mb)

All age presentation (PPT, 3.5mb) | Welsh version (PPT, 2.0mb)



Real heroes

Omar It’s not just superheroes who can do extraordinary things! Use this talk and the activities to find out how ordinary people can act like heroes, helping to make the world a better place.

Heroes (PDF, 0.5mb) | You can be a hero! (PPT, 0.8mb)

Welsh version: Arwyr PDF, 0.5mb) | Welsh version: Gallwch chi fod yn arwr (PPT, 0.8mb)



The climate is changing

Bangladesh floods

Use our all-age talk and activities to think about how climate change is affecting communities all over the world.

Climate change (PDF, 0.4mb) | Climate change is happening now! (PPT, 4.3mb)

Welsh version: Newid hinsawdd (PDF, 0.4mb) | Welsh version: Mae newid hinsawdd yn digwydd nawr! (PPT, 4.4mb)


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Food and water

Ingredients for a fairer world

Nicaraguan coffee farmer Gustavo Adolfo Fairtrade Fortnight happens every year in February - and in 2014 fairtrade celebrated its 20th birthday! Use our all-age talk and activities to explore how fairtrade can make a difference to people living all over the world.

Ingredients for a fairer world (PDF, 0.3mb) | Ingredients for a fairer world (PPT, 5mb)

Welsh version: Cynhwysion ar gyfer byd tecach (PDF, 0.6mb) | Welsh version: Cynhwysion ar gyfer byd tecach (PPT, 10mb)  



Toilet trouble

Matopeni slum in Nairobi, Kenya World Toilet Day is an annual celebration on 19 November. Use our all-age talk and activities to learn about sanitation in Kenya.

Toilet trouble (PDF, 0.9mb) | Toilet trouble (PPT, 1.2mb)

Welsh version: Trafferth mewn toiled (PDF, 0.6mb) | Welsh version: Trafferth mewn toiled (PPT, 1.2mb)




Food, glorious food


On 16 October every year we celebrate World Food Day. Our all-age talk and activities will help you to find out about Kenya’s staple food: ugali.

Food glorious food (PDF, 0.6mb) | Food glorious food (PPT, 0.8mb)

Welsh version: Bwyd, bwyd a mwy o fwyd! (PDF, 0.7mb) | Welsh  version: Bwyd, bwyd a mwy o fwyd! (PPT, 1.2mb)


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Change is possible

Children at school in Yabello, Ethiopia Are boys and girls treated equally in your church? Do you think boys and girls are treated equally all over the world?

Meet the Borena community with our all age talk for Christian Aid Week 2015, and find out how women and girls are gaining power and rights thanks to a particular farmyard animal...

This all age talk also features a range of prayer responses and a variety of activities that can be used in children’s groups.

You can also download our cow-shaped children’s activity sheet for younger children.

All age talk and activities (PDF) | Welsh version (PDF)

All age presentation (PPT) | Welsh version (PPT)

Activity sheet (PDF) | Welsh version (PDF)


Lightening the load

Naima and her son In our all-age talk and activities especially for Mother’s Day, you’ll meet Naima, a mother from Iraq, and celebrate mothers and carers all over the globe.

Lightening the load (PDF, 0.6mb) | Lightening the load (PPT, 2.5mb)

Welsh version: Lleihau'r baich (PDF, 0.6mb) | Welsh version: Lleihau'r baich (PPT, 2.5mb)



Dreaming of a better world

Vanuza Sabalo 15 January marks the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. Use our all-age talk and activities to think about his famous dream and how we can all play our part and dream of a better world.

Dreaming of a better world (PDF, 0.9mb) | Dreaming of a better world (PPT, 0.7mb)

Welsh version: Breuddwydio am Fyd Gwell (PDF, 0.9mb)



A friend in need

Dilza Use our all-age talk and activities to find out how the Girls Building Bridges project in Angola is giving 13-year-old Dilza the support that she needs.

A friend in need (PDF, 0.6mb) | A friend in need (PPT, 2mb)

Welsh version: Ffrind mewn angen (PDF, 0.6mb) | Welsh version: Ffrind mewn angen (PPT, 2mb)


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Baking hope for the community

The profile of a young man from South Sudan Our all-age talk especially for Harvest features the story of Nyipock the baker, who provides daily bread for his community in South Sudan. 

Harvest 2014 (PDF, 0.7mb) | Baking hope for the community (PPT, 1.2mb)

Welsh version: Sgwrs pob oed (PDF, 0.7mb) 

Activity sheet: Have you ever done any baking? (PDF, 1.1mb)  | Welsh version: A wyt ti erioed wedi pobi? (PDF, 1.1mb)

A safe place to live

Edile with his grandmother and two siblings For Christian Aid Week 2014 we focused on stories from Colombia, Iraq and South Sudan. Use our all-age talk and activities to learn about how we're tackling violence and building peace across the world.

A safe place to live (PDF, 1.7mb) | A safe place to live (PPT, 6mb)

Welsh version: Man diogel i fyw (PDF, 1.7mb) | Welsh version: Man diogel i fyw (PPT, 6mb)  

Pray for the people of Syria

Syrian refugees Conflict started in Syria in 2011. Use our all-age talk and activities to learn what Christian Aid is doing to help refugees and people inside Syria, and join us in praying for peace.

Pray for the people of Syria (PDF, 0.8mb)

Welsh version: Gweddïwch dros bobl Syria (PDF, 0.8mb)


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Get rid of it!

A woman from Myanmar feeds two pigs Use our all-age talk to find out how pigs are helping to fight poverty in Myanmar and start taking action in your church with the extra activities.

Get rid of it! (PDF, 0.3mb) | Get rid of it! (PPT, 0.4mb)

Welsh version: Cael gwared ohono! (PDF, 0.3mb) | Welsh version: Cael gwared ohono! (PPT, 0.4mb)

Working better together

Twenty-year-old Raquel Rodrigues Ferreira at home in her neighbourhood on the outskirts of Brasilia Celebrate International Youth Day, which happens on 12 August each year, and use our all-age talk and activities to think about how valuable young people are in church!

Working better together (PDF, 1mb) | Working better together (PPT, 0.7mb)

Welsh version: Cydweithio'n well (PDF, 1mb) | Welsh version: Cydweithio'n well (PPT, 0.7mb)

New Year, new start

Ethiopian woman Mariama Said At the start of the New Year we often make resolutions. Use our all-age talk and activities to learn how Mariama from Ethiopia was given a new start by Christian Aid. 

New Year, New Start (PDF, 1.5mb)

Welsh version: Blwyddyn newydd, dechrau newydd (PDF, 1.4mb)  


Holidays and hard work

quarry-worker While many of us enjoy holidays, children around the world have to work. Use our all-age talk and activities to learn how Christian Aid is working to help children in Egypt.

Holidays and hard work (PDF, 0.5mb) | Holidays and hard work (PPT, 1.85mb)

Welsh version: Gwyliau a gwaith caled (PDF, 0.5mb) | Welsh version: Gwyliau a gwaith caled (PPT, 1.9mb)  

In the net

World Malaria Day 2011 Use our all-age talk and activities to find out how people in Ghana are tackling malaria.

In the net (PDF, 0.2mb) | In the net (PPT, 2.2mb)

Welsh version: Yn y rhwyd (PDF, 0.5mb) | Welsh version: Yn y rhwyd (PPT, 2.2mb)

Read more about our work on malaria


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Praying for the world

A child studying in a classroom in Dominican Republic Use these activities for creative ways that your church congregation can pray for the world.

Praying for the world (PDF, 0.8mb)

Welsh version: Gweddïo dros y byd (PDF, 0.3mb)


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Christian calendar

Christmas - Deliver hope

A Kenyan mother holds her baby This Christmas, explore the nativity story but discover a different birth story, too. Over Advent use our children’s activity sheet each week, or use our all-age talk with activities to find out how babies are born in Kenya.

A very unusual birth (PDF, 3mb) | A very unusual birth (PPT, 11mb)

Welsh version: Genedigaeth anghyffredin (PDF, 4mb)  

Activity sheet: Join us on a journey to the manger! (PDF, 2mb) | Welsh version: Ymunwch â ni Ar daith i'r preseb! (PDF, 3mb)

Easter - A reason to celebrate

Mamta Bangra and Seema Painkra on the march for justice Celebrate Easter and learn about the amazing work of Christian Aid partner Ekta Parishad with our all-age talk and activities.

A reason to celebrate (PDF, 0.3mb) | A reason to celebrate (PPT, 0.7mb)

Welsh version: Rheswm dros ddathlu (PDF, 0.3mb) | Welsh version: Rheswm dros ddathlu (PPT, 0.7mb)  

Journeying with God

Waleed Badir Explore the Advent journey and think about journeying with God as we prepare for Advent.

Journeying with God (PDF, 0.4mb)

Welsh version: Teithio gyda Duw (PDF, 0.3mb) 


'Bless you!'

Elema and Bokiya from Ethiopia Do you know the origins of saying 'Bless you' when someone sneezes?

Find out with our all age talk, and explore why thinking about blessings is a great thing to do in the run-up to Easter. Activities around blessing others follow this all age talk.

And why not download or order our children’s Lent resource for 2015?

All age talk and activities (PDF, 0.2mb) | A3 tissue box template (PDF, 0.5mb) | Bless you! (PPT, 8mb)

Welsh version: Bendith y tad! (PDF, 0.2mb) | Blwch hancesi ‘Bendith’ (PDF, 0.5mb) | Bendith y tad! (PPT, 8mb)

Children's Count Your Blessings

Sharing the Harvest

Tomey and her grandson An all-age talk and presentation for use in churches at Harvest time featuring the story of Hama and Tomey in Mali.

All-age talk (PDF, 0.7mb) | Welsh version (PDF, 1.8mb)

All-age presentation (PDF, 0.7mb) | Welsh version (PDF, 1.8mb)


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