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Haiti's daily bread

26 June 2013

Prospery Raymond at a fruit tree nursery  

Life is fine and easy for some people, but it is difficult and a struggle for others.

While some people have a chance to get something to eat on a daily basis, some are forced to eat less, and some just pray that they will actually get something to eat.

Some who eat as they desire don't realise that others have to struggle for their daily bread.

Living close to the land makes people vulnerable. Coffee, cocoa, mangos, breadfruit and potatoes are some of the crops exported from Haiti. Haitians themselves rely on 40% of the food produced in the country for local consumption.

  • The overall combination of recent events in Haiti has created the perfect conditions for a genuine food crisis.'

Dramatic weather patterns including droughts and hurricanes, coupled with escalating food prices, have produced aftershocks as significant and devastating as those of the 2010 earthquake.

The overall combination of recent events in Haiti has created the perfect conditions for a genuine food crisis. The number of people living with chronic malnutrition has almost doubled, giving much reason for concern.

Haiti needs to be built back better, but to do this we need some medium- and long-term solutions - and a little more lateral thinking about how we can utilise the wonderful resources we already have.

Every day, I take the time to think about those people who are praying and fighting for their actual daily bread, in order to look for a decent solution to get them out of this situation.

I still believe it is possible - if people work together to tackle this issue of hunger and malnutrition; if people come together not just with their money, but also with their prayers and goodwill.

Because daily bread is not only about money and food, it is also about spiritual connection, strength and the spiritual wisdom to continue life all together.

God's words in the Bible are also a kind of bread, a spiritual light that nurtures our spirit and makes us closer to God. We cannot live by bread alone.

From a Haitian perspective, 'daily bread' is a combination of helping people to look for something to eat and also strengthening their spiritual alignment with others - celebrating God’s creation and magnificence.



We pray for us, the hungry and the fed.
For families that have to choose whether to have one meal a day instead of two and
for families that have three meals a day and snacks in-between.
For those who forage for roots and edible vegetation and
for those who get a delivery of food to their door.
Give us all this day our daily bread.

Prospery Raymond, Christian Aid's Haiti country manager


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