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A recipe for a hunger-free world

13 March 2013

woman using bread oven 

If ... a recipe for a hunger-free world

If we didn’t stockpile the staples of life
at the back of our larders and fridges
or throw out the misshapen or blemished
before they reach supermarket shelves...

If we didn’t transport our food
halfway around the world
or refine and bleach our flour
till most of the goodness is leached out...

If we didn’t demand strawberries in December
or apples in March
If we didn’t want everything ready prepared
for consuming in a hurry...

If we didn’t expect the lowest prices
or the biggest variety
under one brand
and one industrial-scale roof...

Take a bowlful of flour
whatever is most locally grown
and milled so the textured goodness
feels grainy beneath your fingers
let it fall from your hands,
full of light and air.

Mix in a teaspoon of salt
the flavour of life and personality
taste of tears and heartache
preserving good memories
drawing out and letting go of any bitterness
that erodes potential and possibility.

Measure out a cup of water
essence of life itself
watch the light bounce from it
making rainbows dance
taken so much for granted
yet essential for the flourishing of life.

Prepare a lump of unpromising-looking yeast
by letting it crumble and froth in the water
let it be
and watch as it multiplies and grows
smelly and earthy
brimming over with potential.

Combine all ingredients together
turn onto a floured board and knead well
keep at it and work hard
tell your story and listen to the stories of others
as we ourselves are worked together
into a vibrant and diverse community.

Shape the dough
be creative
express your hopes and your dreams
Put into a hot oven
and wait
and hope.

Take out of the oven
and serve warm and crusty
break and let the steam rise heavenward
and share
and celebrate life in all its fullness.

Clare McBeath, a member of Christian Aid’s worship and theology collective.



Bread-making God
give us
and the whole of humanity
this day
our daily bread.


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