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Once and for all

Once and for All

Once and for All is Christian Aid's dynamic new presentation that unveils our transforming work in the poorest countries and our vision of Poverty Over.

This exciting multi media event shows what the world looks like through the eyes of the poorest people, and what each of us can do to help those in poverty out of poverty.

Using powerful personal stories, stunning images and beautiful, original songs Once and for All reveals how our prayers, actions and donations are bringing hope and healing to those crippled by poverty all over the world.

Once and for All

Packed with encouragement and audience participation the show equips us all to put our faith into action and to work to eradicate extreme poverty once and for all.

Working in over 40 of the poorest countries on the planet, Christian Aid is uniquely placed to convey the experiences and wisdom of our partners overseas and our supporters here in the UK.

These unsung heroes are unfolding God's Kingdom on earth and Once and for All celebrates their dedication and commitment.

Once and for All

Created by members of Christian Aid's regional staff in response to calls from local supporters, clergy and churches, Once and for All is an excellent presentation for your church.

It can be used to refresh and recruit Christian Aid Week collectors, to inform and inspire volunteers, or simply to help people of all ages to seek first the Kingdom.

It has the appeal to reach a wider audience too, and to address such questions as: 

  • “What does God require us to do?”

  • “Why is there so much poverty when the world has never been richer?”

  • “What does extreme poverty do to people?”

  • “What is ‘Christian’ about Christian Aid?”

  • “Why do we do development and not simply give aid?”

  • “How is the money distributed and used in the poorest countries?”  

  • What can we do…?”

Once and for All

Once and for All can fit well as part of a church conference programme or Synod meeting too, but experience shows that it works best after a good meal or buffet.

The show can be staged in a theatre, restaurant or any other attractive venue and it can be presented in one act or two acts with a short interval.

This new roadshow will feed the body, mind and spirit and leave people empowered to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

The presentation includes music from the new album by Martin John Nicholls and Paul Field recorded especially for Christian Aid. The Once and for All album is available for £10 from local offices.

To find out more about the presentation or to get hold of the album contact your local regional office.


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