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Home group session

Want to engage your small group, home group or hub with global poverty in a new way? Christian Aid is developing a new, interactive session for use in your meetings.

The session has an imaginative activity which guides your group to make decisions as if they were an example person in poverty in a developing country.

You’ll grapple with the reality of poverty in a personal way and will learn how your individual actions can make a difference.

The session will include a reading from the Bible and questions for reflection and discussion, and the opportunity to give to support Christian Aid’s work.

Interactive discussions

This interactive resource will be available to download, and we’ll provide Bible study notes to suggest where group discussion could go.

Preparation time is kept to a minimum, making this session as easy for you to run as possible. And, because it’s so quick to set up, it’s perfect to use if you’re searching for a last-minute activity for your group. This resource will soon be ready.

To register your interest, email ChurchFundraising@christian-aid.org, and we’ll get in touch as soon as it’s launched.

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