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Church Challenge

Church Challenge is a discipleship experience for your whole church to take part in, exploring the spiritual disciplines of prayer, simplicity and generosity.

Over three Sundays, you and your fellow church goers will pick out personal and group challenges to take on that will encourage you to reflect on the struggles faced by our brothers and sisters across the world.

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Expect to see God at work in you through the everyday patterns of life.

Spiritual disciplines

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Taking time and finding space to connect with God is increasingly difficult in our noisy, busy lives. Yet millions of Christians through the ages have found the discipline of prayer to be the oxygen of their faith.

These challenges lift our eyes beyond ourselves as we commit communities and countries to the God of the whole world.

What Jesus said: Matthew 14:23

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Although the ‘natural’ fashion sense and raw-insect diet of John the Baptist might feel a little extreme to us, there’s great spiritual value to be found in freeing ourselves from the tangles of materialism and worldly pressures.

From convenience food to the lie ins we look forward to, these challenges exchange life’s luxuries for a simpler way to follow Jesus.

What Jesus said: Luke 12:27-28

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Even when times are tight and everyone’s feeling the squeeze, God’s people are called to give as freely as we have received, trusting him to provide for all our needs.

These challenges remind us how greatly God has blessed us, and encourage us to give out of that blessing to support Christian Aid in transforming the lives of people in poverty.

Suggested passages to reflect on: Matthew 10:42

Church Challenge

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