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Case study: Sudan

Sudan: Providing Education for Children who have never known peace

The Problem

After 20 years of civil war between Sudan’s North and South, the impact on the country’s children has been immense. Sudan’s children and young people have never grown up in a country knowing what it is to live in peace and security. The impact on the country’s children and young people that make up half of Sudan’s 10 Million population has been immense:

  • Children have been made orphans through losing family members in the conflict which has claimed more than 2 million lives

  • Many children have been internally displaced within the country whereas others have spent years in refugee camps

  • In terms of education, less than 1 in 5 children in Sudan are enrolled in school

  • Most schools have been badly damaged and neglected through the destructive conflict

  • Teaching resources such as textbooks, exercise books and pencils are scarce and few classrooms are in permanent buildings

  • The lack of basic services keeps people in a vicious spiral of poverty as people are unable to educate their children, provide medicine and nutritious food for their families.

All of which has huge negative socio-economic impacts for this next generation of Sudanse children who face the dilemma in building a safe future for themselves and their families. Ensuring that people can establish secure livelihoods, that children can gain an education and make choices about their own futures, must remain a priority for any organisation working to end poverty in Sudan and secure a dignified, healthy future for its people.

How Christian Aid is helping

Christian Aid is working with two partner organisations, the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) and Mundri Relief and Development Association (MRDA rehabilitate schools across the region, to provide basic educational resources to improve the quality of primary education children receive and ensure that more children are able to attend school.

This project will aim to:

  • Providing furniture for classrooms which have been rebuilt

  • Training serving teachers to improve the quality of primary education in school

  • Providing English language training to teachers returning from the north to southern Sudan.


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