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Big gifts - making a significant difference

Making a significant gift can make a fundamental difference; helping to change lives and ending poverty for good. 

Big Gifts, Big Difference Big gifts, big difference

Each year, Christian Aid's major gifts team works with dozens of donors to pick out the projects which most need their support. 'Making a significant gift to a charity can be a really big decision. If people are interested in investing in a specific type of work, say, clean water or reconstruction after a conflict, we sit down and work with them,' says Karen Aycinena, our Major Donor Manager.'We try to match people’s concerns with Christian Aid’s priorities and specific projects on the ground. Most of all, we try to make sure that their donation makes a real difference'.
"I liked the projects and I was extremely impressed with the Christian Aid team," says Simon, an entrepreneur and former investment banker.
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Take a look at just some of the current projects we are supporting; in Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Sudan;  and for more information, contact Karen Aycinena on +44 (0) 20 7523 2375 or email kaycinena@christian-aid.org



Foundation of Trust A foundation of trust

Dozens of charitable trusts and foundations provide our partners with vital support each year – from relatively well known organisations such as The Band Aid Trust to family foundations who know that we make their donations go a long way. We build long-term relationships with Trusts and Foundations who are supporting us in achieving real change Read more...

To find out how your trust or foundation can support Christian Aid email philanthropy@christian-aid.org

Find out more about how your trust or foundation can help Christian Aid


Philanthropy Philanthropy

Christian Aid recognises that many major donors and philanthropists seek advice and support from wealth intermediaries, from tax advisers to solicitors to financial advisers. Many of these intermediaries are themselves encouraging conversations with clients about philanthropy. Having seen this trend increase Christian Aid has launched a philanthropy service to support the wealth intermediary sector and their clients who are looking to invest in international development.   

You can  read more about our service at www.christianaid.org.uk/philanthropy or email philanthropy@christian-aid.org

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