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Dozens of charitable trusts and foundations provide our partners with vital support each year – from relatively well known organisations such as The Band Aid Trust to family foundations who know that we make their donations go a long way. We build long-term relationships with Trusts and Foundations who are supporting us in achieving real change

The ongoing conflict in Syria has led to more than 2.9 million refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries. The Kurdish region of northern Iraq is now home to more than 218,000 Syrian refugees. This crisis continues to have a devastating effect on children and young people. They've been wrenched from the stability of the lives they knew and now, amongst other things, are falling behind in their education. Relief for Distressed Children and Young People is supporting a vital project in northern Iraq, which is working to improve the psychosocial health and wellbeing of many boys and girls. Run by our long-term partner, REACH, the project provides refugee and host community children with opportunities to play together, express themselves and learn in a peaceful and harmonious environment. The project also supports young people to gain employment and find purpose after the distressing situations they have encountered, contributing to the welfare of their families. The support of Relief for Distressed Children and Young People is helping to make a huge difference to the lives of children who have suffered so much from conflict and displacement.

The Georg Fischer Foundation is currently supporting Christian Aid and our partner, Northern Aid, through an innovative project providing water in the El Wak region of Kenya. Through the construction of two boreholes containing cleaning filters, 10,000 people will be provided with clean drinking water within close walking proximity. The water will be available all day, every day - safe to drink, available to buy in the quantity desired by the consumer, and cheaper than previous prices. This initiative is the first of its kind in Kenya, linking clean drinking water to a mobile phone payment system. The support from the Georg Fischer Foundation is vital in providing clean drinking water for 10,000 people in Kenya.

A grant from the Mercury Phoenix Trust is helping to decrease the number of mother to child HIV transmissions in Tamil Nadu, India. This work, undertaken by long-term Christian Aid partner Arogya Agam will benefit poor, marginalised women and their children. In addition, Christian Aid’s advocacy work will help to sensitise thousands more to the dangers of HIV and how to prevent infection.

The Band Aid Trust has supported Christian Aid for several years on projects that have included food security initiatives for internally displaced people in Uganda to helping to provide clean water for rural communities in Ethiopia.  Without the support of The Band Aid Trust, projects such as these, that have reached tens of thousands of people, would not have been possible.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is supporting Christian Aid and our partner the Zambia Anglican Council to implement an ambitious programme to eradicate malaria in key sites on Zambia’s borders. Community volunteers are working to provide tens of thousands of long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets to vulnerable households, carry out malaria education and prevention activities in their communities and diagnose and treat patients. Efforts like these at the country’s borders are vital to the success of the fight against malaria in Zambia. Through their support of our programme, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation is playing a key role in helping Zambia to achieve its goal of eliminating malaria by 2025.

Christian Aid also responds to emergencies around the world. By working through local partner organisations we are able to immediately react when disasters strike.  Thanks to support from trusts such as The Haddon Trust, we not only respond to the immediate needs of local people, but we remain there for the long-term. This helps people to re-build their lives and livelihoods, which are so often terribly damaged during an emergency.

The difference you can make...


Helping communities in Sierra Leone


£4,000 could pay for a well in Ethiopia to provide clean and accessible water for an entire village

£8,000 could pay for the construction of a ten stall sanitation block with showers, toilets and a water kiosk in Kenya to help improve sanitation and health in one community area of Nairobi.

£50,000 could rebuild 30 cyclone-destroyed homes in Burma. These houses would have corrugated iron roofs, timber floors and bamboo walls.  They provide shelter, safety and security for those affected by cyclones, helping them to rebuild their lives.


  • To find out how your trust or foundation can support Christian Aid, contact Iona Bergius +44 (0) 20 7523 2150 or email ibergius@christian-aid.org


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