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Big gifts, big difference

Making a significant gift can make a fundamental difference; helping to change lives and ending poverty for good. 

Each year, our major gifts team works with dozens of donors to pick out the projects which most need their support. 'Making a significant gift to a charity can be a really big decision. If people are interested in investing in a specific type of work, say, clean water or reconstruction after a conflict, we sit down and work with them,' says Karen Aycinena, our Major Donor Manager.

'We try to match people’s concerns with Christian Aid's priorities and specific projects on the ground. Most of all, we try to make sure that their donation makes a real difference.'

Investing in people's lives, making a real difference...

'I liked the projects and I was extremely impressed with the Christian Aid team,' says Simon, an entrepreneur and former investment banker.

'When you’re entrusting this kind of money, that’s a very important part of the thinking.'

From individuals to churches and trusts – everyone needs to know that their donation is making the maximum impact. With more than £1 million to donate after the sale of his business, major donor Simon approached us with a rigorous selection process. 

First he chose 20 charities, writing to each of them to ask them to submit proposals for his support. Then he asked a shortlist of eight to give face-to-face presentations. We were delighted when we were one of two charities finally selected, and received £622,000.

'I liked the quality and credibility of the project proposals,’ says Simon. ‘I was extremely impressed with the Christian Aid team. They were straightforward to deal with, obviously dedicated, very professional, very responsive.'

Simon's generous donation will support a water project in Ethiopia, an HIV/AIDS education project, also in Ethiopia, and the supply of food, water and medicine for 80,000 Burmese refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

How major gifts have helped our work

Communities in Burkina Faso  

Sustainable Livelihoods; see how Christian Aid is reducing hunger and chronic poverty for Vulnerable Communities in Burkina Faso






Helping communities in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone : Providing sustainable Health, Water and Sanitation projects in the Pujehun District






Education for children in Sudan


Sudan : Providing Education for Children who have never known peace







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