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In Their Lifetime Appeal

Poverty can be ended. But we know that the vision of a future without poverty is only possible with radical shifts in mindset, behaviour and funding.

The In Their Lifetime Appeal (ITL) is a special initiative that enables us to pioneer new approaches to fight poverty and to scale up the solutions that work best.

ITL is a unique appeal which allows us to take risks and push the boundaries of development work to improve the lives of the poor.

We need people and organisations who share in our belief of a better world to invest in a range of our most exciting and innovative projects that will transform communities and help to end poverty In Their Lifetime.

Ending poverty needs a bold approach

Each year we give grants to more than 500 in-country partners around the world – allowing them to carry out long-term development work with some of the poorest people on earth.

ITL aims to raise £25 million to do just that with the help of people like you. It will allow us to fund our partners’ most innovative and imaginative solutions for combating poverty.

Find out about some of the exciting projects ITL has allowed us to work on.


A snippet of a map showing Christian Aid's In Their Lifetime projects

Download this map to see where In Their Lifetime is kick-starting some of our most innovative and exciting new projects.

Read more detailed information on each of our projects here.

In their lifetime