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 Strategic Corporate Partnerships

ICT in Malawi Your strategic goals and core operations can be matched with ours. By bringing our combined assets to the table, we can design development programmes to deliver shared benefits, including stable and resilient livelihoods for producers. 

Together with Christian Aid partners, Ingemann Food Nicaragua designed a project to support market growth for producers of fine cocoa and honey in Nicaragua. Christian Aid benefits from Ingemann’s access to market information, and Ingemann benefits from Christian Aid’s access to, and knowledge of, local producers.

This initiative is core to Ingemann’s business. By working together, investment in producers ensures a stable supply of quality produce for Ingemann and a fair price for the farmers.


Active philanthropy

Solar in India You can change lives forever through funding a pilot project, providing technical resources or offering business advice to developing enterprises. We engage with our philanthropic partners in a multitude of bespoke ways.

We’ve established partnerships with companies such as the Good Little Company and AquaAid, who support Christian Aid’s work by donating from the sale of their products, to Monsoon Accessorize Trust, Gilead Sciences and Simmons & Simmons, with whom we collaborate through grant-making, pro bono work and in skills-building. 


 Inclusive business model development

Inclusive Market Development You can potentially lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty by helping business in the global south to grow sustainably. As an investor, you can connect with investable pipeline enterprises and support them directly to grow their businesses. As a service provider, there are opportunities to leverage the skills of your employees to contribute to the development of small and growing businesses in the developing world.

Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises (ACRE)

ACRE GTMB Christian Aid leads ACRE, an impact investment platform offering tailored business support to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and access to capital. In a consortium with other international development charities, we link SMEs, service providers and investors to create sustainable business models.


Constructive advocacy

Constructive Advocacy We know that large companies can have significant influence over government stakeholders. Our shared concerns can be amplified and informed by joint advocacy. In the process, we can help you to gain insights and deeper understanding of the topics key to poverty reduction, such as tax and climate change.

Through a non-adversarial campaigning approach, we have helped to promote strategic thought leadership within several FTSE 100 companies – resulting in changes to tax transparency practices that demonstrate commitment to social justice.

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