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Monsoon Accessorize Trust

Monsoon Accesorize Trust The Monsoon Accessorize Trust is supporting our partner Rehabilitation Association and Agricultural Development for Afghanistan (RAADA) to lift women in Afghanistan out of poverty through silk production.

Working with 1,500 women who are either widows or from women-headed households, the project enables women to secure a living and lift themselves out of poverty.

Together we are helping to:

  • Develop the skills of women participating in the project so they are able to secure a living.
  • Help them to access better healthcare and education.
  • Ensure the long-term financial stability of women and viability of the project through reinvestment of profits back into silk production.

Olivia Lankester, Head of Corporate Responsibility for Monsoon, said: 'Monsoon started out sourcing hand-embroidered silk kaftans from Afghanistan and so this new venture, helping women to revive the silk industry in Afghanistan, was the perfect way to celebrate Monsoon’s 40th anniversary and build a better future for thousands of families.

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