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AquAid is Christian Aid's biggest corporate partner. Over 15 years, AquAid has raised more than £3 million for Christian Aid's water projects, supporting our partners to help people all over the world get access to clean, disease-free drinking water by installing water pumps in rural villages.

When you recommend or buy AquAid water coolers for your church, school or place of work, AquAid will donate £50 to Christian Aid for each new cooler ordered. For every 19 litre bottle of AquAid water sold, Christian Aid will also receive 10 pence for its water-related projects around the world.

Together we are helping to:

  • Reduce the time women spend fetching water for their families, freeing up more time for them to become involved in community development and to receive an education. 
  • Develop land to grow cash crops that are irrigated by the new pumps, wells or newly built cisterns, allowing communities to sell their produce.
  • Increase villagers' building and management experience and skills by constructing wells, cisterns and water carrying facilities under the guidance of Christian Aid.

Paul Searle, CEO of AquAid, said: ‘Christian Aid is one of the UK's best known charities. We are working with Christian Aid to fund lifesaving water projects around the world.’

If your company, church or school wants to become an AquAid customer, just call 01223 508109 or click here to sign up. 

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