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Without land, without food, without hope…

The extreme level of poverty in Las Pavas, Colombia has put its already vulnerable children in grave danger.

With widespread chronic malnutrition and the situation only worsening, parents have been left fearing the worst…

Forced from fertile land

Since being displaced by armed groups in 2002, the people of Las Pavas have struggled to grow the food they need.

Under constant pressure and threat, they have tried to return many times to farm their fertile land – but, sadly, their attempts have only resulted in destroyed crops and slaughtered livestock.

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The worms that steal nutrients

The lack of nutritious food has left many children in this community chronically malnourished.

Parents will often go without to try and build their children’s strength – but sadly, their efforts are often in vain, due to the intestinal worms in their child’s stomach.

Losing hope for the future

Child on scales

Most of the children in Las Pavas are severely underweight.

The lengthy dispute over their land goes on, and all the while their children are only getting weaker.

The people of Las Pavas have gone without for so long – and unless action is taken soon, they risk losing all hope.  

Rid a child of worms...

Vitabalu, a food supplement fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, helps children like Marcia to build their strength.

Made from ingredients like lentils, quinoa, red beans and plantain, and flavoured with vanilla, the children drink the Vitabalu by mixing it into milk or water.

The de-worming medicine, which is cherry flavoured, safely and effectively helps rid a child of intestinal worms.

Growing a healthy future

By providing your support today you could also help us to provide longer lasting change to a community like Las Pavas, in the form of small kitchen gardens.

So that no child has to go without food, we’ll give families everything they need to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

Please donate today and help rescue a community from chronic malnutrition.

£18 could provide one child with the life-saving medicine he or she needs to get rid of intestinal worms, and a six-month supply of a nutritious food supplement to help build their strength.

£54 could provide three children with the life-saving medicine they need to get rid of intestinal worms, and a six-month supply of a nutritious food supplement to help build their strength.

£91 could go towards compost, seed kits, a spade and mesh to grow a kitchen garden full of nutritious fruit and vegetables.

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Help provide children with the medicine and nutrients they need.

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Las Pavas map

Las Pavas is located in northern Colombia. The community has been displaced and now live in a nearby town.