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Count Your Blessings this Lent

Celebrate the good things in your life this Lent with our thought-provoking Count Your Blessings calendar.

Download the adult or children's version below or order your resources here:

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Our daily bite-size reflections will inspire you to give, act and pray to bring justice to our world and change the lives of people living in poverty across the globe.

Stewarding our resources is vitally important to make sure we can use the funds you give to support poor communities. That’s why this year, we haven’t developed a Count Your Blessings app for 2016. After a two year trial we found that it didn’t raise the funds needed to make it cost effective. Thank you to everyone who has supported the app in the past.

Count Your Blessings - Adult

Count Your Blessings leaflet Beautiful bite-size daily reflections taking you through Lent 2016.

Download the PDF here

Download the Welsh language version here




Count Your Blessings - Children

Count your blessings childrens leaflet Fun and reflective challenges for children this Lent.

Download the PDF here





Lent 2016

You can pay in your donations from Count Your Blessings 2016 here.

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