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Christian Aid in the North East

Christian Aid's North East team is here to support you, your church and your community as you fundraise, campaign and pray to end poverty.

The North East of England is known for its beauty and the people for their warmth and passion. Across the region that passion is translated into generosity and action when it comes to involvement with Christian Aid and the movement to end poverty.

Supporters here consistently pull out the stops to eradicate poverty by raising funds or campaigning to change the systems that keep people poor.

How we can help

We're always delighted to support you as you fundraise, campaign or pray to help some of the world's poorest communities. We can:

  • provide speakers for your church, youth group or school

  • run workshops

  • provide resources for your fundraiser or event

  • promote your event or story on our website

  • offer advice and support.


Christian Aid Week

During Christian Aid Week thousands of people are on the streets of towns and villages within a massive triangle marked by Berwick upon Tweed, Hinderwell in the Esk Valley and Alston in Cumbria.

Going from house to house, they give householders the opportunity to give money and help change lives around the world. Funds raised contribute to a UK and Ireland total of between £12m and 15m in just one week!


Supporters hold special events during Lent, at Harvest, Advent and Christmas. You could join sponsored walks, runs and cycle rides; volunteer in schools, churches and the regional offices; lobby MPs and march for justice; make regular donations and leave a legacy.

Contact us

If you want to know more about how to get involved in the movement to end poverty and injustice, or how we can support your fundraising, campaigning or church activities, please get in touch.

Email, call or visit our North East office



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