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Beyond a lifetime

Three of our supporters, Kathy, Margaret and Naomi, met communities in Haiti last October to see how legacies are helping them invest in the future. Over the next year, we’ll share the stories, photos and artwork of these communities in a travelling exhibition called I Witness.

One of our supporters visiting a school in Haiti

Kathy Childress passing out the milk from our partner Veterimed to schoolchildren in Port-au-Prince.

The laughter of children mixes with the chinking of bottles as milk is passed around the classroom. This could be a scene from anywhere in the world. But this is Haiti and the milk is produced by local dairy farmers – thanks to the support of our partner Veterimed.

‘This work is a lift for the entire community,’ says Kathy Childress, who is here to learn more about the project.

  • Seeing these children healthy and smiling - that's what it's all about'

In memory of Esther

For Kathy this trip was especially poignant. She was continuing the work that her daughter, Esther, started before she died in 2012, just days after her 14th birthday.

Esther was diagnosed with cancer when she was 12. Over the following years, she became increasingly ill, and  yet also increasingly determined to reach out to people who she felt were worse off than her. Esther had been particularly inspired by the work of Christian Aid and asked for a gift to be given to our work to fight poverty with the money she had saved.

‘By going to Haiti, I feel I’m carrying on the work that Esther began. She left me a task to do, and this is where it starts,’ Kathy says.

A man in white protective clothing at a dairy in Haiti

A healthier Haiti

The group spent a morning seeing how Veterimed pasteurises and bottles its milk before distributing it right across Haiti. She then saw how gratefully it was received by children at a Port-au-Prince primary school.

By boosting Haiti’s dairy industry, Veterimed is actually strengthening the whole economy – providing employment for local farmers and reducing dependence on imported milk.

‘It’s supporting local farmers and industry,’ Kathy explains. ‘On top of all that, children will grow healthier and stronger – thanks to the great projects that Christian Aid supports.’

Inspire your church

Every legacy we receive brings us closer to a world where poverty is finally over. This is the message of our I Witness exhibition. It shows some of the extraordinary work of our partners in Haiti. It shares the stories, photos and artwork of inspirational people rebuilding their lives in the face of overwhelming odds.

If you’d like your church to host the I Witness exhibition, please contact Alison in the Legacy team on 020 7523 2173 or email alinwood@christian-aid.org

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