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Speak up… for the love of our world

What are you doing on Wednesday 17 June? Come to London and join with thousands of others to declare our love for the world to MPs at Westminster. Rebecca Baron outlines how you can be a part of this new phase of our climate change campaign.

A group of campaigners with bunting

Our world, for all its problems, is a thing of beauty. A gift from God. This is a world to celebrate. This is a world we love.

We’re all interconnected, bound to each other in a million ways. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to our dreams
and aspirations.

The choices we make in our lives are interwoven. What we do in our own homes, churches and communities has an impact on the lives of others – whether close to home or on the other side of the globe.

Right now, many people are suffering because of choices we have made – as individuals, as governments, as societies. Extreme weather caused by climate change is becoming more common. Droughts cause crops to fail, floods ruin livelihoods, storms destroy homes. The poor are the
worst affected.

Together, we’ve been trying to redress the balance. Hundreds of thousands of us make small steps every day, whether that’s through recycling, walking to work instead of driving or choosing a greener energy supplier. We can and do make a difference.

But we also need to remember to involve those with the power to make big changes – our political and church leaders.

Last year, the people of the UK demonstrated their commitment to ending climate change like never before.

In June, you took up the One Million Ways challenge, making small but important changes to the way you live your life.

In September, tens of thousands of you joined others across the world to march for climate justice. In October, hundreds of you gathered in churches for a weekend of prayer and action, calling on your political representatives to step up their efforts.

This year, we have an unmissable opportunity in front of us. We have a changing of the guard – a new government with a new manifesto and a new agenda. We can put climate change at the top of that agenda.

Together with more than 100 other agencies (including CAFOD and Tearfund), Christian Aid is calling on UK citizens to show the new government that we’re serious about protecting the world we love – with the people, environment and everything in it.

We’re inviting everyone to come and meet their MP in Westminster on 17 June to tell them about what they love and what they want to protect from climate change. This ‘Speak Up For The Love Of’ day will be a celebration of our world, with music, bunting (see opposite), exciting
speakers and more. Gather your friends and neighbours and speak up for the love of people living in poverty.

To sign up and for further information, go here.

Hang out the bunting to show what you love

Show what you love by displaying it on some bunting. At the Speak Up For The Love Of lobby we want to see a huge bunting display featuring everything that we love that is threatened by climate change.

Bunting is easy to make. Let’s use it to tell our MPs what we love and why they must act. Get your friends, family and community to show the things that you love on bunting!

  • Get some old material, clothes or Fairtrade cotton.
  • Cut out some triangles of roughly equal size – an isosceles triangle with a base of 20cm and long sides of 25cm works well.
  • Decorate your triangles with what you love that you want to protect from climate change.
  • Join with others in your family, school, church or community to create a string of bunting. Get a long piece of ribbon and sew the flags onto it, leaving gaps between them of about 10cm.

Why not try…

  • knitting or crocheting your bunting
  • having a bunting party
  • making your bunting out of something that represents your area (like a sports strip or tartan)
  • getting your church together after a service to decorate flags.

Bring your bunting to Speak Up For The Love Of on 17 June in Westminster, and show the world what you love!



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