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The underground girls of Kabul book coverThe Underground Girls of Kabul – The Hidden Lives of Afghan Girls Disguised as Boys

Jenny Nordberg

(Virago, £14.99)

Jenny Nordberg deftly negotiates the networks of tightly controlled Afghan society to uncover the fascinating stories of girls raised as boys.
In a society that prizes sons above all else, it affords some daughters a chance to experience real freedom and accords status to parents who
have never borne a boy.

But at what price? With the onset of puberty, some make the transition back to womanhood more easily than others.

Laura Pledger




Ebola: The Natural and Human History Ebola: The Natural and Human History

David Quammen

(The Bodley Head, £5.99)

Based on first-hand experience, this account tells the intriguing and often shocking story of the deadly Ebola virus. It spans four decades of scientific attempts to trace and conquer the virus, beginning with its 1976 discovery in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In this slim, compelling summary, science writer and explorer David Quammen skilfully unravels the myths and mysteries.

An accessible and engaging read for anyone wishing to separate fact from fiction.

Tomi Ajayi




Vanishing Grace book cover Vanishing Grace

Philip Yancey

(Hodder & Stoughton, £12.99)

The danger of writing about a notion so dynamic and powerful as grace is that through dissection and analysis, it dies. But Philip Yancey’s contemporary approach breathes life into this ancient idea by rooting his discussion firmly in the stories, questions and patterns of today’s world.

A particularly intelligent and nuanced chapter on Christian activists as ‘dispensers of grace’ stands out in a book that will certainly reinvigorate and
reinspire world-weary followers of Jesus.

Claire Jones




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