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Loretta's letter

Loretta Minghella   These are testing times for people of faith. That is not to say that as Christians we feel the suffering of the world, so evident in recent months, any more acutely than those who do not share our beliefs.

It is a matter of grief to us, of course, to see in Iraq one of the oldest Christian communities in the world spread to the winds by the actions of Islamic State. It is not just Christians who have suffered there, however. Nor is it just Christians we help. That would be to put a price on the aid we offer, to make it conditional. Our vision is of a world free of poverty for everyone, so we work with and for people of all faiths, and of none.

We were especially pleased to help coordinate the #WeAreAllHuman interfaith vigil for the people of Iraq, outside Westminster Abbey in September, attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and Muslim and Jewish religious leaders.

As other articles in this issue of Christian Aid Magazine show, we are also hard at work in two other places recently immersed in renewed conflict – Gaza and South Sudan – where, with your support, we are able to make a real difference.

This issue also looks at the global effort needed to stop a different kind of devastation – wrought by the impact of climate change.

As I have witnessed on my travels for Christian Aid, poor communities, from Bangladesh to Malawi to Haiti, are already bearing the brunt as extreme weather events such as typhoons become more frequent.

Survivors often show extraordinary resilience – but they face an increasingly uncertain future. Climate scientists agree it is not too late to prevent the worst happening – providing action is taken now. We will be campaigning hard to make that a reality.

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Loretta Minghella
Chief Executive, Christian Aid



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