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Loretta Minghella Lecture

Camels, eyes and how to buy a bigger needle

Loretta MinghellaAt the annual Chaplaincy Lecture at Alleyn’s School in London, Christian Aid Chief Executive Loretta Minghella spoke about her personal journey of faith, the death of her brother and her experiences since becoming Director of Christian Aid.

She also examines what it means to be rich in light of the passage in Matthew where Jesus equates the difficulty of a rich man going to heaven with a camel going through the eye of a needle.

This is a 38 minute lecture. You can watch the entire lecture here.

We have also divided up the lecture into four sections and you can view these videos by using the links below:

Alleyn's School Lecture video part 1 

Alleyn's School Lecture video part 2 

Alleyn's School Lecture video part 3 

Alleyn's School Lecture video part 4 


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