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West Africa

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds four projects in West Africa, in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria.

Sierra Leone

After a crippling 11 year conflict, Sierra Leone is still one of the least developed countries in the world. It is one of the most unequal countries in the world for women, who are marginalised in politics, health and education. Read more about Sierra Leone.


The Social Enterprise Development Foundation (SEND)

SEND is based in Kailahun, one of Sierra Leone’s poorest regions and badly affected by violence against women. In response to Sierra Leone’s gender imbalance, SEND has established the ‘Kailahun Women in Governance’ project’ which seeks to strengthen women’s representation at all levels of government structures.

The project supports women to be a part of the governance processes and allows them to input into policies which affect them and their communities. It also runs awareness projects for government institutions on how they can be more gender aware and equal in their organisations.

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