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Latin America and Caribbean

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds three partners across Latin America and the Caribbean, two partners in Brazil and one in the Dominican Republic.


Brazilian society has one of the widest gaps between rich and poor in the world. Marginalised communities often lack access to land, basic services and employment due to political marginalisation. Find out more about Brazil.


Institute of Socio-Economic Studies (INESC)

INESC strives to empower marginalised groups in Brazil that might not otherwise have their voices heard. INESC has helped to found the 'National Platform of Social Movements for Political Systems Reform', a campaign seeking to strengthen democracy in Brazil and improve access to information for citizens.

Among other things, the campaign calls for political parties to ensure that a significant proportion of women candidates and indigenous people are represented, and that political party finance is transparent. INESC works with civil society groups to achieve these goals, creating alliances with the Brazilian parliament to pursue legislative change and increasing awareness of these issues.


Thanks to this campaign, the Ficha Limpa (Clean Act) has been passed. This new law ensures that people with criminal convictions cannot stand for election. As a result in the 2010, a number of politicians were unable to stand.

Ecumenical Service Coordination (CESE)

CESE supports local projects largely focused on securing the right to land and services for indigenous and Quilombola communities. Their campaigns have drawn attention to the plight of these communities, resulting in some favourable legal concessions from the government.

CESE seeks to strengthen communities to ensure the government delivers on promises. It also provides small grants to these communities to advocate at local, state and national levels. CESE lobbies and campaigns on symbolic cases in order to secure precedent for legal change and a better future for these communities.


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