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East Africa

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds six projects across East Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Kenya is one of the most unequal countries in the world and corruption and lack of responsibility have characterised the Kenyan political system for a long time. Read more about Kenya here.


Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness (CREAW)

CREAW is a women's rights organisation that helps women become a part of the decision making process in their communities.

It does this by increasing the number of women on the committees that decide where to place funds and also by encouraging women to set up their own committees.

CREAW ensures these groups and women are educated about devolved funds (funds for development managed by local government) and supported to make applications to the fund for the items they need, as well as assessing whether the funds are being used effectively and appropriately in the community as a whole.

Northern Aid (NAID)

NAID works in the marginalised areas of northern Kenya, a region neglected by the state where numerous human rights violations have occurred. NAID's project aims to educate and empower communities in the Mandera district to actively participate in democratic decision-making, making demands upon the government and accessing their rights. NAID hold workshops to help specific groups such as women, pastroralists, youth and religious leaders to identify their communal needs and engage with the authorities.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC)

KHRC is working to strengthen community-based human rights networks in the north of Kenya into powerful advocacy movements. The creation of the Human Rights Network (HURINET) aims to get the voices of the poor in Kenya heard by the government.

Through rights awareness exercises and advocacy for land reform, increased community access and proper allocation of funds, KHRC work towards poverty alleviation and human rights protection. They also help monitor the allocation of funds and audit the performance of development initiatives.


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