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Asia and the Middle East

Christian Aid's programme 'Power to the People: Making governance work for marginalised groups' funds two projects across Asia and the Middle East, one in Iraq and the other in Tajikistan.


Northern Iraq has been dealing with conflict for nearly three decades, and as a result of this have weak governance with lack of basic services and little or no access to public funds. Read more about Iraq.


Rehabilitation, Educations an Community Health (REACH)

REACH supports community-based organisations to engage with governance initiatives and work towards sustainable livelihoods. REACH has managed to build successful relationships between smaller, marginalised communities and the local government.

As a result of this, communities are able to articulate their needs and the government has responded by providing essential local services, such as health facilities, schools, water and sewage supply systems and improved infrastructure. They are also now providing support for agriculture and other income-generation projects. 


As a direct result of REACH's work last year, local authorities restored 27.5 kilometres of rural rods in the Harier district, giving people much improved access to healthcare and places of work.

It also led to authorities in Suleimanieh distributing livestock vaccinations to 25 rural villages in Kalar district, assisting more than 400 farmers who faced losing their livelihoods because of livestock disease.

6 rural communities in Erbil were linked up to an electrical supply grid.

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