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Harvest 2016


Harvest Appeal – Rodah’s story


This is Rodah. Your generous giving transformed her community.


Thanks to generous people like you, we were able to reach her community and change her life. Now Rodah is transforming her neighbours’ lives, too.

Your Harvest offering can make all the difference

Imagine how much of a struggle Harvest can be in Kenya. Climate change is making it harder for poor farmers like Rodah to survive.

Each year, she tried to grow vegetables on a small plot of dry land. Every day, she walked a gruelling six miles, carrying back heavy containers of water, just to keep her crops alive.

But despite her hard work, Rodah's harvest was never enough. She had to make the agonising decision to feed her family rather than pay for her children to go to school.

As a parent, you always want to do the best for your children. Imagine how Rodah felt when she couldn't.

Three easy steps lead to big changes

But since we reached Rodah’s community, everything’s changed.

Working with a local partner, ADSE (a branch of the Anglican church in Kenya), we built the community a sand dam. ADSE are also giving farmers drought-resistant seeds, and teaching communities how to make the water they do have go further.

Now Rodah has the precious water she needs to nurture her land. Imagine her joy when she sold her first bumper harvest!

These days she’s even able to provide casual work for her neighbours - helping her entire community to thrive.

And the best part? At last Rodah can afford to send her children to school, giving them lots of opportunities for the future.

Help us reach more communities like Rodah’s so that they can realise their God-given potential.

Please donate today

Why not hold a Harvest service in your church based on Rodah’s story? You’ll find some great resources here, including school assemblies.


Pray with us this Harvest

O Lord our God,

We pray that the seed we sow

today will bring a harvest that

causes continued dew upon the

earth to sustain the seed in our hands.

May we always have seed to sow

and rejoice when we see the

transformation that reflects the image

of God in your people all over the world.



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