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Christian Aid Week 2016


 Christian Aid Week 2016

Morsheda and her children live on an island in the middle of one of Bangladesh’s mighty rivers. Life is hard for her since she is constantly afraid that the river will flood and that her home will be destroyed and her children put in danger.

This year, Christian Aid Week focuses on the situation of people like Morsheda who live on similar islands.

These islands are created by the silt and mud washed down by the river. They are not islands made of rock, therefore. This means that they are very fragile and when the river overflows they are in danger of being washed away.

Since the islands are fragile, life for those living on them is fragile too. It is these people’s story which we will be telling during Christian Aid Week.

Morsheda abod  

Morsheda and her family live in fear of the flooding river


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