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Speak Up on climate change



Speak Up

Our new campaign on climate change

Melanie abod

Melanie from Burundi


Last summer more than 10,000 of us went to London to speak to our MPs about the effects of climate change on the lives of some of the world's poorest people. People like Melanie from Burundi.

Melanie began to grow sunflowers in order to increase her income having had training in new agricultural techniques which would help her deal with climate change. Burundi is one of the world's poorest countries and is one of the most susceptible to climate change. Like Melanie, some 90% of the population depends on agriculture  to survive. We need to Speak Up for those like Melanie.

On 8-16 October we will be joining together to take a stand for our sisters and brothers who are affected by climate change - not at Westminster this time but in your local area. And not just with your MP but with your Assembly Members too.

What can you do?

We hope that the week of action will be full of interesting and exciting events - from lovely nature walks in the countryside with a picnic, to harvest suppers or a visit to a local renewable energy project - each one being an opportunity to have a conversation with your MP and AM about climate change.

  • Can you help arrange a local Speak Up event?

  • Can you attend a Speak Up event in your area?

What are we calling for?

The UK's Climate Act and Wales's Environment Act both call for a reduction in carbon emissions of 80% by 2050. We will be calling on both governments to publish ambitious plans on how they intend to meet these targets.

You do not need to be a policy expert to be a prt of the week of action. The important thing is that our MPs and AMs get to know how much we care about this issue and that we want them to act. By asking for ambitious plans by both Westminster and Cardiff Bay governments, we will ensure that they know the public is keen to tackle climate change at such a crucial time. (And we will supply you with all the information you will need!)

Register here or email Cardiff@christian-aid.org

All of the events in Wales will be plotted on the map below as they are registered, so call by the page regularly to see where in your locality an events is organised.


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