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Wales calls for climate action



Wales calls for climate action

It was a wet afternoon.

Really wet!

But still, Wales joined the World on Saturday 28 November and called out with one voice for a fair deal in the COP21 conference in Paris.

Our supporters were there to add their voices too as was the Head of Christian Aid Cymru, Huw Thomas.

Huw Thomas 28 November

Huw Thomas, who took part in the cycle ride

Here’s what Huw shared with the crowd gathered on the Senedd steps:

‘A fortnight ago we all Prayed for Paris, following the tragic attacks there.

Today, Christian Aid, and members of the Church denominations whom we represent, and people across Wales and across the World, are again all praying for Paris. Praying that at the conference there, world leaders embrace a spirit of co-operation, and put aside petty rivalries, in order to change the world for the better.

John F Kennedy once said, "On Earth, God’s work must truly be our own."

Christian Aid’s work, in 40 countries worldwide, is supporting people already affected by the ravages of climate change, who have seen their crops fail, their homes flooded, and their future endangered. If we don’t tackle Climate Change as a planet, we will never make poverty history, we’ll make it permanent, and that circle of violence and injustice will deepen further. But today, people of all faiths, of all creeds and of all nations are calling, with one voice, for change, for a big shift away from our dependence on Carbon.

The time to Act is now. Together, let’s make it happen.’


Climate rally supporters 28 Nov

Christian Aid supporters who had joined the cycle ride


Climate rally supporters 2 28 Nov

More of our cycling supporters


Mari ac Anna Jane 28 November

Mari and Anna Jane - Christian Aid staff members at the climate rally



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