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Luke's London Marathon



It’s cold outside! But Luke keeps on running

Luke Hurley, a dad of four from Oakdale, Gwent, is running the London Marathon for Christian Aid this April. Here’s an update on his training progress.


‘Get on with it. It’s only snowing!’

As a motivating pep-talk, it may not rate as the best ever but Luke Hurley never disagrees with his wife and so out he goes!

‘The weather has been pretty challenging at times,’ says Luke. ‘But completing the race for such a worthwhile cause keeps me going and my wife never fails to motivate me.’

Luke Hurley 2 abod

Luke on an early morning run


He is now running up to 20 miles on the weekends. That’s a big step up from the 13 miles he was doing a few weeks ago. You’d imagine that such long distances could be pretty boring but Luke says that there’s always plenty to look at on the way. On some runs he has a sermon podcast to listen to and other times he joins up with friends who also run.

While the longer runs are done outside – in all weathers – the shorter ones midweek can be completed on a running machine indoors. In mid-winter this certainly has its benefits! ‘I have found myself at times trying to make excuses not to go out and run, but know that if I don’t stick to the plan, it’s going to get even more difficult down the line.’

Sticking to the plan is a key thing for someone training for a marathon. Luke says that the best tip for anyone considering a marathon is to start with a local park-run – which is a 5k run. From there you can build up slowly. A 10k run is the next challenge, followed by a half marathon.

‘It’s a natural progression thereafter to a full marathon,’ says Luke.

Well, that’s easy for him to say!

If you don’t fancy following in his footsteps, why not sponsor him instead? Go to his Just Giving page here and donate online: www.justgiving.com/luke-hurley/

Follow his progress as he prepares for the big. Updates will be published regularly. 


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